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  • 120 KM From Chandigarh
  • 340 KM From Delhi.


  • AIR : There is one airport Jubbor Hatti in Shimla which is around 23KM from shimla city. Jagson Airlines has flights from delhi to shimla. Though the flights are not very frequent.
  • RAIL : The nearest broad gauge head is at Kalka - a four-hour journey from Delhi. After that, take the mountain train from Kalka to Shimla. This railway track has recently been granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view is stunning, with the line passing through an amazing 103 tunnels. The fastest way to get to Kalka is to catch the Shatabdi Express, which departs early morning from the New Delhi Railway Station, arriving at Kalka four hours later.
  • ROAD : Once you reach Shimla, you can travel by intercity or interstate bus services from HRTC known as Himachal road transport corporation. As and when private travel agents operating the service are available, it will be displayed on this page. Shimla is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and very popular especially to honeymooners. Shimla is located at about 378 Kms. from Delhi and 115 Km from Chandigarh. All types of private tranportation is available between Delhi and Shimla.



Situated above 2213 m Shimla, the largest hill city in India and formerly the largest in the world, is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. To the tourists it images itself as the Hill Queen of irresistible charm. With a dry refreshing breeze drifting along the calm azure, Shimla on a wide half-moon shaped ridge12kms to the N-West of the Himalayas, is exactly surrounded by soothing natural scenes. This beautiful hill city takes it name from Goddess Shyamala. It was discovered by the British around 1819 who wanted to escape from the scorching summer heat. Shimla was accorded the status of the summer capital during british rule.Shimla is just the perfect holiday destination for those who want to relax and rejuvenate their tired nerves and its scenic beauty is ideal for a romantic stroll. The enchanting valleys and the snow-peaked hills have witnessed many romantic tales since british rule.Shimla offers a lot of adventure sports It has the only natural ice-skating rink in India. The Ice-skating Carnival organized by the Ice-skating Club every year during January is certainly a craze among the adventure lovers.


  • The Shimla Mall : It is the heart of the hill station and is its beauty spot.. The area stretching from telegraph office to cambermere ridge makes a pleasant stroll for locals & tourists in the morning & evening. The Shimla mall makes an attractive business centre with shops and plazas hotels and restaurants, tourist office, railway city booking centre and entertainment centres. The illuminations add to its beauty at night. Distant peaks can be viewed from the mall. The gaiety theatre a center of cultural activities is also situated there.
  • The Gorton Castle : Built in 1904,in a Neo- Gothic style, it was the secretariat building of the imperial government. Today it houses the department of the accountant general.
  • Wild Flower Hall : On the way to Kufri 13km away from the city is Wild Flower Hall. Covering an area of 22 hectres and situated on an altitude of 2593m under the cool shadow of pines, all the famous spots such as the Shimla city, Peer Panjalrange, the Badri peak are all visible from Wild Flower Hall. After monsoon the entire region becomes abeautiful garden of wild flowers. Birds of various species start cooing in tune with the murmuring pines.
  • Summer Hill : Summer Hill is a railway station prior to Shimla on the Shimla-Kalka rail route. Situated above 1983m in the suburbs, it is 5 km away. Gandhrji on his visit to Shimla had resided in Princess Amrita Kaur`s Georgian-style house in summer hill. Even the Himachal University is in summer hill. It makes an inviting trip on foot or by the narrowgauge hill train.
  • Chadwick Falls : The Chandwik Falls situated on an altitude of l586 m and making a sharp descent from above 67 m is 2 km north. During the monsoon it looks specially splendid.
  • Himachal State Museum : The museum houses a large collection of Pahari miniatures, stone made sculptures from the temples of Hp, local handicrafts, textiles, embroidery and miniature paintings in the Pahari-Basoli and Kangra style. The collection of pictures and cartoons in the Gandhi collection centre are remarkable.
  • The Retreat : It is the residence of Viceroy Lord Dufferin, at Masobra (1983 m). The palatial building made of marble has its ceiling made of Burma teak and the flights of steps are of wood. Richly carved teak panels embellish the hall. There is indoor tennis court. The palace after the plan of Capt H H Cole in Elizabethan style was built in 1884-88. And it is in The Retreat shaded with pines where Pandit Jarvaharlal Nehru had signed the Shirnla agreement partitioning India in 1947. By the way of inheritance. the Retreat has become the summer resort for President of India in the post- lndependence era.
  • Viceregal Lodge : Famous for magnificent English renaissance structure, spacious lawn and wooded groves is India's premier institute of higher studies.
  • Annandale : To the east of Glen and on the lower parts of the city (4.5 km) is the Annandale, surrounded by the hills and shaded by pines, deodars. A memento to the first arrival of British Lady Anna, this race course of today was previously a Durand Football ground and a venue for several sports events. There are quite a number of arrangements to make Annandale an entertaining place for evening stroll.
  • Zoological Garden : 4 km away from Annandale is the Zoological garden.
  • Glen : It is a wonderful picnic spot.It is 4km away from the city and situated above 1830m. The path goes through the dense maining oak, deodar, pine and poplar. Wild animals and birds are not very unlikely to be met along this stretch of travel. With the hilly stream flowing by—nature composes a series of channing scenes.
  • Shimla Hill : The Shimla hill compromises of 7 hills and spans an area of 18sq km. The seven hills are listed below :
    • Prospect Hill in Western Shimla, famous for the temple of Kamna Devi.
    • Summer Hill in Western Shimla, which has the campus of the Himachal Pradesh University.
    • Observatory Hill in Western Shimla, which has the estate of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.
    • Invererarm in Western Shimla, whose top has the State Museum.
    • Bantony in central Shimla, which has the Grand Hotel.
    • Jakhoo in central Shimla, which is crowned by the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman
    • And Elysium in north-western Shimla, which holds Auckland House and Longwood and reaches out towards the Bharari spur.
    • Craignanor : 3km ahead of Masobra is Craignanor above 2279m. The Amusement park in the thick growths of the oak and pine has some special attractions for tourists.
  • Naldhera : On NH22 from Shimla 8km to the east via Dhali is situated Naldhera, a paradise for tourists. Encircled by the spendour of nature the hill looks as if a carved out of piece of beauty in conical shape. Naldhera is famous for its 9hole Golf course, the oldest one in the world.


  • The Anglicised Christ Church : Built in 1844-57 after the Neo-Gothic architectural plan of Col.J.T.Boileau, the Christ Church is the most beautifully decorated and the second oldest church in north India. The bell is made of the brass of the cannon won by the british in the war with the sikhs. The coloured glass windows and the murals on the walls are exquisite. The stained glass windows stand for faith, hope, charity, fortitude, patience and humility.
  • Kali Bari Temple : The Kali Bari built in 1845 by Ramcharan Brahmachari is famous for being the only place where the only Durga Puja in Shimla is celebrated. The image of goddess Kali brought from jaypur is worshipped in the temple. On the right is Mangalchandi and Shyamla Devi is on the left. The hill has got its name “Shim1a` after `Shyamla' Devi. ln the temple there are pictures of the Dasamatrika (10 holy mothers). Even a library is there.
  • The Hanuman Temple : It is situated on the hill top. There is the legend of Hanuman sitting to rest here when HE got fatigued while carrying the Gandhamadan for the recovery of Lakshman severely wounded in the Ram-Ravana war in Lanka. The holy foot prints of Hanuman are found here. From this temple one gets the complete view of Shimla.
  • Sankatmochan Temple : The Sankatmochan Temple of Hanuman is situated on an altitude of 1875m. It was started in 1962 and took 4 years for completion.
  • Tara Devi : It is famous for the temple of Goddess of stars. This temple is located on the top of the hill. Tara devi is located at the distance of around 11 kms form the bus stand of Shimla. This is a perfect location for the people who are looking for some rest and peace at a high altitude of around 6070 ft.



April - July during summer, Dec/Jan if you want to enjoy snow.


  • Spring March-April 10°C to 20°C Clear skies. Occasional rain and thunderstorms.
  • Summer May- June 16°C to 28°C Generally clear skies. Air might become smoky due to forest fires.
  • Monsoon July-September 13°C to 20°C Cool and humid. Continuous rain.
  • Autumn October-November; 10°C to 23°C Skies are clear, chilly evenings.
  • Winter December-February -7°C to 10°C Generally dull weather. Frequent snowfall.


  • Spring Festival : Spring Festival is held from the 28th of April to 30th of April every year. It showcases the folk music and dances of Himachal Pradesh state.
  • Baba Nath Fair : This event occurs from 14th March to 13th April. Pilgrims from all over the country and the world visit Baba Nath Fair to invoke his blessings.
  • Nalwari Mela : Nalwari Mela is a traditional fair. The fair is held for wrestling, cultural events, cattle fair and trading activities
  • Rafting Cup : Rafting Cup involves racing from Pandoha to Tattapani. Pandoha is 70 kilometers distant from Shimla. Teams from different countries participate in the event.
  • Shivratri Fair : It is an assembly of hundreds of local deities and consists of cultural programs in the evening. There are exhibitions and trade of different items. It attracts Indian as well as international visitors. Shivratri Fair is full of colors and pageantry.
  • Summer Festival : It is held in the month of June, when cultural programs are performed by Himachalis from all over the state. The cultural programs are a testimony to the cultural depth and richness of the local Himachali population.


  • Baljees Restaurant : This is located just opposite Municipal Corporation Office at the Mall and has a sweet shop with a snacks shop at the ground floor and restaurant called Fascination at the top.
  • The Devicos Restaurant : Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Continental
  • Himanis Restaurant : Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian, Chinese
  • Tripti Restaurant : Famous for South Indian dishes, Cuisines: North Indian, South Indian
  • Goofa Ashiana : At Shimla's prominent Ridge, Himachal Tourism offers the Ashiana and Goofa Restaurants with fast food counter serving delicious Indian, Continental, Chinese and Himachali cuisines.
  • Embassy Restaurant : A delightful restaurant, situated near the eastern side of Mall, in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This self service restaurant offers delicious Indian and Chinese delicacies. Pizzas and hamburgers are their specialty.
  • Other popular restaurants include: Alfa Restaurant, Indian coffee house, Deepak Vaishnav Bhojnalya, Himani restaurant, Rendezvous Bar & Restaurant, Nalini restaurant.
  • Nanak’s Restaurant at the Mallital end of The Mall, is a Western fast-food place serving pizzas, veg burgers and milkshakes.
  • Prem Restaurant (Mallital’s main bazaar) has Punjabi and South Indian food.
  • Sher-e-Punjab has good, reasonably priced Punjabi food.
  • Pahun Restaurant halfway between Tallital and Mallital, specializes in traditional Kumaoni cuisine. It has a good thali. It is best to make reservations in advance for dinner.
  • The Holiday Inn Shimla has two restaurants. The Lotus Garden serves Chinese and the Kumaon serves Indian and Continental. A main dish is around Rs 100. They have Western breakfasts.

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