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Karnataka Travel Guide


Karnataka is one of the four southern states of India. surrounded by the Arabian Sea on the west, it is enclosed by Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The state is divided among three major regions: the coastal plains adjoining the sea; the Western Ghats operation equivalent to the coastline; and the national plains of the Deccan Plateau. One of the mainly industrialised states in India, Karnataka also produces 90% of India's gold, almost 60% of its coffee and a considerable amount of raw silk and sandalwood goods.

Bangalore is the capital as well as the principal city of Karnataka. Bangalore has additional than 50% of software companies in the country based in it and is called the Silicon Valley of India. It is also renowned for its pubs and grounds and has a satisfying climate through the year. South of Bangalore is the city of Mysore, the former capital of the Wodeyar kings. The celebration of Dussehra, with caparisoned-elephant processions being its main appeal, is celebrated in October-November.



Karnataka is the eighth major state in India in both vicinity and inhabitants. It was previously known as Mysore. On November 1,1973, the name Mysore was distorted to Karnataka.Karnataka flanked by 74o and 78o East longitudes and 11o and 18o North latitudes. It is located on the western edge of the Deccan plateau and is bordered by Maharashtra and Goa on the north, Andhra Pradesh on the east, and Tamil Nadu and Kerala on the south. On the west, it opens out on the Arabian Sea. The geography of Karnataka is for the most part a likeness of the geology of the state. The Sahyadris are roofed with evergreen forests. They drop rapidly towards the Arabian Sea, thus forming a natural obstacle between the plateau and the coastal regions. Four passes supply access to the coast. They are the Subrahmanya Ghat, the Charmadi Ghat, the Shiradi Ghat, and the renowned Agumbe Ghat. The western Ghats slope lightly towards the Bay of Bengal. This is the plateau region tired by the two major rivers explicitly Krishna and the Kaveri. The normal altitude of the plateau is about 610 meters above sea-level.


  • The Best time for Visit Karnataka is from October to March, casing the post-monsoon and winter seasons, as the temperature is normally satisfying over the entire State. The epigrammatic winter stage does not outcome in harsh cold weather making it the supreme time to visit Karnataka.


  • Sri Vithappa Fair : This fair is held in the honour of Vithappa, the divinity of the village, Vithappa. It is a three days festival and about 7 to 8 thousand people get together during the fair. This fair has a spiritual and folk significance.
  • The Godachi Fair : The Godachi fair is held at Godachi village in Ramdurg Taluk of Karnataka. It is held in the month of Kartik This fair is held in the honour of Shri Veerabhadra and it is prepared by the government of Karnataka.
  • Shri Yellamma Devi Fair : Shri Yellamma Devi fair is held at Saundatti. It is held for about 5 times among October and February. But the Margasira is the largest one, which is held on the full moon day.
  • Banashankari Devi Fair : The Banashankari Devi fair is held near Badami. It is an yearly fair held in the month of January on the full moon day. This fair lasts for 10 to 12 days. At the fair, villagers buy farming matter, utensils and other articles of domestic needs.
  • Rajyotsava Day : The Rajyotsava Day is celebrated on the 1st of November each year. This day symbols the structure of the Karnataka State. Other state festivals celebrated here are the Coorg festival, Hampi/Vijayanagar fair and the Hoysala festival. These festivals celebrate the rich civilizing heritage of Karnataka.
  • Dussehra : Dusshera is the key Hindu festival of Karnataka. This 10 days festival is celebrated with excessiveness by the rulers of Vijayanagar territory. Later, this became a custom. The fair was celebrated at Mysore where a Durbar was held for 9 days and on the 10th day a huge procession was in use out with decked elephants, multicolored folks and much more. It is still celebrated in Mysore with great joy.
  • Yugadi : Yugadi is measured as the New Year's Day in Kannada ritual. It falls on the late March or untimely April and is celebrated all above Karnataka. On this day the dinner is particularly organized and it starts with jaggery and neem leaves. This depicts that life is nothing but a bunch of joys and sorrows.
  • Karaga : This festival is chiefly celebrated at the Darmaraya Temple in Bangalore. It is renowned on the full moon day of Chaitra, the first month of Hindu Calendar. This festival is celebrated in the tribute of Draupathi, the wife of Pandavas, renowned sacred characters from the immense Hindu epic, Mahabharata.



Karnataka is like a multi-cuisine salver.The ample series of flora and fauna in Karnataka are indeed a foundation of happiness for the tourists. The topography of Karnataka boasts of a ample assortment of flora and fauna that are extend throughout its length and breadth. In Karnataka, one can find many distributions of mammals, birds, a spacious range of insects, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, etc. The state animal of Karnataka is Indian Elephant and the state bird is Indian Roller. Added, the state tree is Sandalwood (Santallum album); whereas the state flower is Lotus.


  • By Air : The most important airport of the state is located in Bangalore. Nearly all airlines connect the city with major cities in India like: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai,Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai,Trivandrum and others.
  • By Road : The state also boasts of excellent road network with the rest of the country. Major cities and tourist destinations in South India are at approachable distance by road from Karnataka.
  • By Rail : The state capital Bangalore is the most important Railway Station, which is regularly served by important trains. Many prime tourist destinations of South India can be traveled by train from Bangalore and other Railway Stations in Karnataka.


  • Bangalore : Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka state. Bangalore is also called the garden city of India. Many alleged technical institutions are offered here. The city is also known as the Silicon Valley of India as the expansion of Informatin and Technology is very quick. The surroundings of the city is stunning and it has got a very agreeable weather.
  • Belgaum : Belgaum was the capital of Rattas once upon a time and Situated at north west side, this district shares the boundary of Karnataka with Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Goa. The place is well identified for Muslim, Hindu and Jain civilization having temples (Anantha Shayana, Maruti, Kapileshwara), shrines (Durga and Ganapati), mosques (Safa and Jama masjid) and Jain Basadis (Kamala Basadi, measured as a monument). Belgaum is well known for the Fort which is located at the heart of the city.
  • Bellary : This place is measured as the Kishkindha, the place which is reprocated in the great epic Ramayana, which was the kingdom of Vaanara sena. Bellary, located at a distance of 300Kms from Bangalore, shares the edging at East with Andhra Pradesh. The place is positioned between two mountains. On one of the hills there is a fort.
  • Bidar : Once upon a time, Bidar was the capital of Bahmani Kingdom. This district is the north most part of Karnataka state and was a part of Chalukyan territory. The city is well famous for Fort of Bidar which has got five gates (paanch Darwazas) and other monuments .
  • Bijapur :Bijapur is at the North side of Karnataka and shares the boundary with Maharashtra. Bijapur was the capital during Muslim reign and known as City of conquest. The city has historic structural design (Islamic) and was also the capital of Adil Shahi Dynasty.
  • Chamarajnagar : Chamrajnagar was one of the Taluk control center under Mysore district before it became an sovereign district head quarters. Now, the Chamrajnagar is well known for its hill stations and the temples positioned in these hill area. Chamrajnagar is 60Kms from Mysore towards South.
  • Chikmagalur : Chikmagalur is situated 240Kms from Bangalore towards North-West direction (from Bangalore). The place is placed in a abundant valley south of the Baba-Budan choice. The town is delimited by lush coffee increasing hills. Malnad, the name what Kannada people use for the range of hills, rich in green valleys, come under many places of this district.
  • Chitradurga : Chitradurga shares the border at East with Andhra Pradesh and stretches to the middle part of karnataka almost. It was once the capital of Paleyagars with great olden times. There is a hill nearer to the city bordered by seven ramparts and seven temples enthusiastic to Gopalaswamy, Sampige Siddeswara and goddess Ucchangamma. The place takes us to the ages of Ramayana. Jatayu, the bird, fell at this place after getting injured during combating with Ravana to save Sita Devi. The place also has significance considering Maha Bharatha. Bhima, one of the Pandavas, killed the Rakshas Hidimbasura here. There is Hidimbeshwara temple which is one of the oldest. Onake Obavva, the lady who killed many muslim military to safe gaurd the fort, has remained in the recollections of local people with her heroism and nationalism.
  • Coorg : Coorg is Known as Scotland of India, this district shares the edge with Kerala state. Rich in green fields, famed for coffee cultivated area, Orange orchards and couple of well known Water falls. Coorg district is also called Madikeri and Kodagu. The city is located in West direction from Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka state, at a distance of 260Kms. This is the next district head housing in this lane after Mysore.
  • Dakshina Kannada : Dakshina kannada shares the coastal area at West (Arabian sea) with few other districts of Karnataka. Palm beaches, dense green forests, cobalt waters and vallies are the tourist attractions of this place. renowned, well known Yakshagana is originated from this area. Mangalore is the main city and is associated to Bengaluru via Hassan through NH48 and all along the state.
  • Dharwad : Dharwad is situated at a aloofness of 425Kms from the capital city Bangalore in Karnataka. The city is well identified for education and business. University of Karnataka and University of Ugricultural sciences are positioned here. dattatreya temple, Durga Devi temple, Panduranga temple, Basel Mission church and All Saints Church are some of the significant tourist hub.
  • Gulbarga : Gulbarga is at a distance of 625Kms from Bangalore, shares the margin with Andhra Pradesh towards East and is to be found below Bidar. This place was well identified during Bhamani reign founded by Hasan Gangu. Before breaking upto become Deccan Peninsula, this was an oldest place of Gondwana Plateau.
  • Hassan : Hassan is well acknowledged for ISRO Master Control Facility (MCF) located just 6Kms from the area. This is a ground control station for Insat series and other satellites. Hassan district is prominent for temples built during Hoysala period. This district is positioned at the edging of Western ghats (also called Malnad area locally). This district is in flanked by Bangalore and Mangalore on National Highway 48 and well associated even by rail. The distance between Bangalore and Hassan is nearly 200Kms. The history of this district is with chiefly Hoysalas and Gangas. It has got destinations for Shaivas and jains (monuments at various places including Jinanathapura beside Shravanabelagola). The monuments are of Hoysala style. There are two Hoysala temples dedicated to Lord Virupakshehswara and Lord Channakeshava. Rivers Hemavathi, Yagachi and Cauvery river tributes flow in the district and the southern part is well irrigated.
  • Mandya : Mandya district is in between Bangalore and Mysore and on the way from Bangalore towards west. Rich in agricultural lands as numerous number of main rivers in southern Karnataka pass through the district.
  • Mysore : Mysore is called the city of palaces because of the continuation of many number of palaces. Mysore situated 770m above sea level is 140Kms (South-West) from Bangalore. Mysore is an old city one must visit to know about Indian history, art and civilization.
  • Raichur : Like many other districts in the East, Raichur (located at a distance of 400Kms about from Bangalore) also shares its border with Andhra Pradesh. It has got a hill fort in lieu of Hindu military structural design. Raichur is one of the destinations for Kannadigas to visit Mantralaya located very nearer in the Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.
  • Shimoga : Shimoga district lies in western ghats,nearby called Malnad. The distance between Bangalore and Shimoga is 280Kms and positioned at North-West direction from Bangalore. This district has striking forests with waterfalls. Shimoga town is situated at the banks of river Tunga.
  • Udupi : Udupi is also one of the west coast district of Karnataka state. The famed Chandramouleshwara temple is located here. The name Udupi came from the name Udupa meaning Moon. The district head office Udupi is known as pilgrim centre. The place is also known for its appetizing cuisine and the restaurants all over the country. The district headquarters is 420Kms from Bangalore towards West. Nearest airport is Mangalore.
  • Uttara Kannada : Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is quicker to Goa which shares the lodger at North east direction. The district headquarter is Karwar and has got an admirable beach resort. The distance between Bangalore and Karwar is nearly 530kms towards west. The journey will be through bulky western ghats. Uttara Kannada is estranged by Udupi from Dakshin Kannada to share the West coast at Arabian Sea of India in Karnataka. The place, well known as Karavali, is world famous for stunning beaches with islands, light houses and ruins.

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